Vehicle Recycling in New Zealand

Everything you Need to Know About Auto Recycling in New Zealand

Once unwanted cars were left on roads as abandoned vehicles, scrap cars are now turning into important sources of materials to be recycled and made back into products for our modern lifestyles.
It hasn’t always been that way and until recent years a scrapped car would only have been recycled to around 65% by recovering the metallic content, an outdated auto dismantling practice.

To counter vehicle abandonment, increase the amount of a car that is recycled and force the removal or control of hazardous substances, the Auckland car wreckers introduced the End of Life Vehicle Program  or as it’s known the “Cash for Cars“.

To ensure that the aims of the Vehicle Recycling in New Zealand were more likely to be achieved, and because they have the greatest influence over car removal and towing, car salvage yard’s were given legal responsibility to remove unwanted vehicles for cash.

Vehicle Recycling in New Zealand


Make Money Off Your Old Vehicle

Don’t let your old unwanted car go to waste; it can be reused in a number of different ways, and you can make money from it in the process. Once you have sold your junk car for quick cash, you can invest in a reliable new vehicle, or make a larger impact on New Zealand environment by investing in an eco-friendly car or electric car.

As members of the New Zealand Automotive Recyclers, we take pride in recycling and reusing any valuable parts, materials, and scrap metal found within the junk vehicles we purchase. Contact Taha Auto Recyclers at  0800 70 70 99 for more information on our green efforts or to schedule prompt free towing services in your area.

Vehicle Recycling in New Zealand

Auto wreckers all over New Zeland specialize in older Japanese & European cars, utes and trucks from the 80s and 90s to late models vehicles.

Most of wrecking yards sell parts and do used tyre fittings and car batteries.

Car wreckers has wrecked thousands of cars over the years, their parts tucked away everywhere, just ask you might be surprised!!

How is a Car Recycled?

Once an old car is received or collected by an Auckland car removal company, the recycling process begins.  Some steps are carried out at the facility whilst others take place at other specialist facilities and the role of the  auto breakers is simply to remove parts or materials and transport them to facilities that specialize in recycling them.One of the first steps is to issue a “Certificate of Destruction” for the car.  This ends the last owners relationship with the car and informs the car’s owner and NZTA that the vehicle is being scrapped, it is also signals to the Government that a car has been taken in for recycling and is used to calculate the NZ’s recycling performance.

At this stage many businesses will also remove parts that they think they may be able to sell either directly to customers or for insurance companies.  The range of parts that can be recycled is very wide, for example, Brake Calipers, Engines, Gearboxes, Power Steering Racks and Starter Motors.

Why Selling an End Life Vehicle to Wreckers is Beneficial?

Has your vehicle become un-economical to repair, had an accident or you just don’t know what to do with it?

Not to worry the team at car wreckers south Auckland are here to help, we will even collect it from you to make it completely hassle free.

We will ensure that you are reimbursed fairly and that your car is dismantled and recycled in line with the latest government regulations. To achieve this we ensure the amount of “waste” produced during dismantling is kept to a strict minimum whilst adhering to all aspects of the end of life vehicle directive.

For more about recycling: car wreckers Brisbane, car wreckers Perth.

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