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Car Wreckers Whangaparaoa

Ask Yourself… Is your vehicle:

  1. Not being driven for a while?
  2. Old and Rusting?
  3. Accident damaged?
  4. Uninsured?
  5. Taking up space in garage?
  6. Bad Transmission?
  7. Blown head gasket?
  8. Electrical Problems?
  9. High storage cost?

Now … ask yourself is this worth the time and money to fix? well here is a smart way to get rid of your unwanted vehicle that you may want to take into consideration, Car Wreckers Whangaparaoa is a car removal service that deals so much in the cash for cars business.

Cars wrecker Auckland has been doing this for so many years that is why our customer base increases by day, this gives us morale to work even more so as to meet our customer’s expectations. Our services are just but a manifestation of how good we are in this field, we will leave you the client asking yourself why you never came to us early enough. We buy cars in North Auckland including Silverdale, Stanmore bay, Manly, Red Beach and Whangaparaoa suburbs.

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This might be the best solution for your motor issues and we are able to provide it with the most advantageous terms for you. Car removals for cash are the best way in getting rid of an old and inefficient car and get paid for it, with a minimum of efforts required from your part. This service is gaining more popularity among the population of North Shore and this business is slowly becoming more lucrative for an average guy who just wants to shake off his useless automobile. With the money, you can get for any old, junk, damaged or scrap car removals you can even purchase a new, completely functional van without spending any additional money. Just recycle your damaged car, get your payment and purchase a new one instantly.

  • We pay the most cash possible for all and any kind of cars, trucks and vans.
  • We make it easier than ever to sell your car.
  • We always provide fast and free towing.

Don’t want to hassle with the phone?

That’s okay. Just look to the top right of this page and fill out the enquiry form and one of our team members will contact you with a cash quote on your unwanted car removal in Whangaparaoa area.

At Car Wreckers Whangaparaoa, you are just a telephone call away from having your property cleared and cash in your pocket. The best part? We come to you with instant cash.

Call us at 0800 70 70 99.

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